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Avakrök (polares hemsida)

Gambling Man, Lapdog, Moralpanik, Moloken

Ambulance, Auktion, Black Sheep Parade, D.S-13

Dick Cheney, Disconvenience, Håll Det Äkta, Instängd

Insurgent Kid, Kommunen, Lesra, Terrortory

The Collisions, Supercharged Pitbulls, Hellre Vargen, Lycka Till

The T55's, Mary's Kids, Fru Dörr


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The player above goes to a stream with bands from Verket.

Verkets webradio ovan istället för på deras hemsida?

The player below goes to a stream from my computer.

My liquidsoap script (This runs my web radio station)



My name is Per Gunnarsson

My email: mustafejen at

My PGP key

Please send me encrypted email :-)

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My bitcoin address below:



I'll spend it on beer

By the way, I now own a smartphone (20181105).