Havamal på svenska (scrolla ner lite så hittar du texten), or FICS as it was called when I began playing there 1996 (?).My handle there is isegrim.

Avakrök (polares hemsida)

Min banankaka

Opus recorder / Ljudinspelare

My (ogg) sound streaming device

Gambling Man, Lapdog, Moralpanik, Moloken

Ambulance, Auktion, Black Sheep Parade, D.S-13

Dick Cheney, Disconvenience, Håll Det Äkta, Instängd

Insurgent Kid, Kommunen, Lesra, Terrortory

The Collisions, Supercharged Pitbulls, Hellre Vargen, Lycka Till

The T55's, Mary's Kids, Fru Dörr


Ska funka i Internet Explorer

The player above goes to a stream with bands from Verket.

Verkets webradio ovan istället för på deras hemsida?

The player below goes to a stream from my computer.

My liquidsoap script (This runs my web radio station)



My name is Per Gunnarsson. I live in Umeå (Sweden). My block is "Kvarteret Mjölken".

My phone number: +46 72 5320181 (but I rarely answer calls from unknown or secret numbers).

WhatsApp: +46 72 5320181 (More likely to reply to any kind of contact).

My email: mustafejen at

My PGP key

Please send me encrypted email :-)

live stream ljud

IBAN: SE78 8000 0842 0292 4194 8513

Bitcoin address: bc1qa4mrf90cuw2hwemxq2dh0rxlht8ula6p0tas8z
I should now be able to sell bitcoin again. Things seem to have worked out.

I'll spend it on beer

By the way, I now own a smartphone (20181105).

Trick to use liquidsoap over Tor:

output.external(id="Tor", %vorbis(quality=1.0 , samplerate=48000, channels=2), "/usr/bin/torsocks /usr/bin/oggfwd yourserver85296.onion 8000 hackme /mount.ogg", mksafe(buffer(source)))

Stream to liquidsoap input.harbor with parec, oggenc and curl: pipeline

Can't wait for icecast2 source clients with SSL/TLS? How to encrypt icecast2 source client stream?

Odds are your icecast2 server is also running sshd

Try ssh forwarding the source client stream maybe, something like "ssh -N -T -L 8000:localhost:8000

Once you have that ssh connection up, you can connect your source client to localhost:8000 instead of the icecast server and it should

send your vorbis(?) stream through an encrypted connection to the right icecast port

ssh can also be used with software like torsocks and i2p in case you are paranoid

Possible solution to stream out of a proxied/firewalled WiFi:

Probably one can just change the input.harbor port to an icecast port, it should work anyway,

Will try it tomorrow

Tried it and it worked. now I know it's possible to use the app Orbot in case one wants to stream sound from for example Cool Mic to input.harbor on liquidsoap, and I guess that should work if one wants to stream to icecast too.