I have set up an untested budget streamer for the (no longer homeless)
alternative venue Verket
Maybe my streaming solution will never get used by me and/or Verket, but
it could be interesting for other people.

The hardware is a Raspberry Pi 1 model B, with some kind of cheap USB
WiFi NIC (Product: NETGEAR WNA3100M, Manufacturer: Realtek ?) and a
Behringer UCA 222. Raspbian had drivers already on Wheezy, but for
some reason I removed wolfram from the install

sudo apt-get remove wolfram

and upgraded to Jessie.

Modern Raspberry Pi-s have WiFi, and maybe other sound features but
maybe one needs a USB sound card and Behringer 202/222 was the
best I could find for the buck.

You need systemd, pulseaudio, vorbis-tools, oggfwd for this
solution to work.

The scripts:




The two first files are systemd.service configuration files. I am very bad at systemd and I had
to fiddle around a lot before I got them working. On Raspbian Jessie, I put the two first
files in the directory /lib/systemd/system , after which I tried:

systemctl enable pulseaudio.service

systemctl enable dicen.service

Edit the service files and the script in case you need

I created the directories for the PID file, but I never got a PID file but things seemed
to work anyway.

There are probablu other easier ways of keeping the encoder script going, with shell
commands like nohup and exec.

I just wanted to learn how to set up a systemd service, and after a few days I got it